Relaxed Spatio-Temporal Deep Feature Aggregation for Real-Fake Expression Prediction

  title={Relaxed Spatio-Temporal Deep Feature Aggregation for Real-Fake Expression Prediction},
  author={Savas {\"O}zkan and G. Akar},
  journal={2017 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW)},
  • Savas Özkan, G. Akar
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science
  • 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops (ICCVW)
Frame-level visual features are generally aggregated in time with the techniques such as LSTM, Fisher Vectors, NetVLAD etc. to produce a robust video-level representation. We here introduce a learnable aggregation technique whose primary objective is to retain short-time temporal structure between frame-level features and their spatial interdependencies in the representation. Also, it can be easily adapted to the cases where there have very scarce training samples. We evaluate the method on a… Expand
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