Relaxations of the Satis ability Problem using Semide niteProgrammingEtienne

  title={Relaxations of the Satis ability Problem using Semide niteProgrammingEtienne},
  author={De and Klerka and H. Van and Maarena and Joost P. Warners},
We derive a semideenite relaxation of the satissability (SAT) problem and discuss its strength. We give both the primal and dual formulation of the relaxation. The primal formulation is an eigenvalue optimization problem, while the dual formulation is a semideenite feasibility problem. It is shown that using the relaxation, the notorious pigeon hole and mutilated chessboard problems are solved in polynomial time. As a byproduct we nd a new`sandwich' theorem that is similar to Lovv asz' famous… CONTINUE READING