Relaxation of spin polarized 3 He in mixtures of


We report a first study of the depolarization behavior of spin polarized He in a mixture of He-He at a temperature below the He point in a deuterated tetraphenyl butadiene-doped deuterated polystyrene dTPBdPS coated acrylic cell. In our experiment the measured He relaxation time is due to the convolution of the He longitudinal relaxation time, T1, and the diffusion time constant of He in superfluid He since depolarization takes place on the walls. We have obtained a He relaxation time of 3000 s at a temperature around 1.9 K. We have shown that it is possible to achieve values of wall depolarization probability on the order of 1–2 10−7 for polarized He in the superfluid He from a dTPB-dPS coated acrylic surface.

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