Relaxation of sheep urethral muscle induced by electrical stimulation of nerves: involvement of nitric oxide.


Isolated smooth muscle preparations from the sheep urethra responded to electrical field stimulation with contraction when basal tension was low (5-6 mN), but with relaxation when the preparations were contracted with noradrenaline (NA), clonidine, or prostaglandin F2a. No relaxant response could be elicited in high K+ (124 mM) contracted preparations. Electrically induced relaxations had a threshold of less than 1 Hz and a maximum at 8 Hz. Both contractant and relaxant responses were abolished by tetrodotoxin, indicating that they were caused by transmitters released from nerves. The amplitude of the relaxant responses showed a highly significant correlation to the tension induced by noradrenaline. A coefficient (R/T) was calculated relating relaxation to noradrenaline-induced tension. In this way it is possible to separate the effect of drugs on muscle tension (non-specific effect) from their action on the electrically induced relaxation (specific effect). Chemical sympathectomy with 6-OHDA did not significantly modify the relaxant response to 6 Hz in noradrenaline contracted strips, as evaluated by the R/T coefficient. The electrically induced relaxation was not affected by hexamethonium, propranolol, phentolamine, muscarinic receptor blockade, cocaine, indomethacin, or methysergide. Both nifedipine and Bay K 8644 inhibited significantly the response induced by electrical stimulation, decreasing its maximum. Nifedipine, but not Bay K 8644, significantly reduced the level of tension induced by noradrenaline, and its effect, evaluated by the R/T coefficient, was an increase in the electrically induced relaxation, whereas Bay K 8644 had a significant inhibitory effect.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


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