Relaxation of Shannon entropy for trapped interacting bosons with dipolar interactions

  title={Relaxation of Shannon entropy for trapped interacting bosons with dipolar interactions},
  author={Soumya Bera and Sudip Kumar Haldar and Barnali Chakrabarti and Andrea Trombettoni and V. K. B. Kota},
  journal={The European Physical Journal D},
Abstract We study the quantum many-body dynamics and entropy production triggered by an interaction quench of few dipolar bosons in an external harmonic trap. We solve the time-dependent many-body Schrödinger equation by using an in-principle numerically exact many-body method called the multiconfigurational time-dependent Hartree method for bosons (MCTDHB). We study the dynamical measures with high level of accuracy. We monitor the time evolution of the occupation in the natural orbitals and… 

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