Relativizing the Patriarchy: The Sacred History of the Feminist Spirituality Movement

  title={Relativizing the Patriarchy: The Sacred History of the Feminist Spirituality Movement},
  author={Cynthia Eller},
  journal={History of Religions},
  pages={279 - 295}
  • Cynthia Eller
  • Published 1 February 1991
  • History
  • History of Religions
Le mouvement de spiritualite feministe est interessant par son syncretisme religieux et son orientation politique. Croyances et pratiques, individuelles ou collectives, doivent conduire au combat feministe contre l'ordre social patriarcal. L'A. etudie l'histoire de la spiritualite feministe en s'appuyant sur l'analyse du religieux chez M. Eliade comme moyen de faire face a l'histoire, et sa theodicee : liberation dans le temps historique 
The embodied goddess: feminist witchcraft and female divinity
This paper uses a phenomenological approach and descriprive analysis to examine the religion of feminist uPitches and uZomen in the American Godaless moztenlent. By drauing on interviews with
The Blessingway Ceremony: Ritual, Nostalgic Imagination and Feminist Spirituality
  • Emily Burns
  • Political Science
    Journal of Religion and Health
  • 2014
The blessingway ceremony is examined and its significance as a site of potential spiritual empowerment for pregnant and birthing women across eastern Australia is examined.
Uncovering Spiritual Resiliency Through Feminist Qualitative Methods
SUMMARY A study conducted in Germany and America explored how spirituality might facilitate resiliency in old women. Believing in the importance of matching research methods with research goals, we
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While the Minoan Snake Goddess is one of the most reproduced and familiar images in the art historical canon, her function—and indeed, her very essence—continues to be shaped by the man who coined
Feminist Forerunners and a Usable Past: A Historiography of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's The Woman's Bible
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