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Relativizing characterizations of Anosov subgroups, I

  title={Relativizing characterizations of Anosov subgroups, I},
  author={Michael Kapovich and Bernhard Leeb},
  journal={arXiv: Group Theory},
Author(s): Kapovich, Michael; Leeb, Bernhard | Abstract: We propose several common extensions of the classes of Anosov subgroups and geometrically finite Kleinian groups among discrete subgroups of semisimple Lie groups. We relativize various dynamical and coarse geometric characterizations of Anosov subgroups given in our earlier work, extending the class from intrinsically hyperbolic to relatively hyperbolic subgroups. We prove implications and equivalences between the various relativizations… 
Patterson-Sullivan theory for Anosov subgroups
Author(s): Dey, Subhadip; Kapovich, Michael | Abstract: We extend several notions and results from the classical Patterson-Sullivan theory to the setting of Anosov subgroups of higher rank semisimple
Anosov representations, strongly convex cocompact groups and weak eigenvalue gaps
We provide characterizations of Anosov representations of word hyperbolic groups into real semisimple Lie groups in terms of equivariant limit maps, the Cartan property and the uniform gap summation
Entropy rigidity for cusped Hitchin representations
We establish an entropy rigidity theorem for Hitchin representations of all geometrically finite Fuchsian groups which generalizes a theorem of Potrie and Sambarino for Hitchin representations of
Relatively dominated representations
  • Fenglin Zhu
  • Mathematics
    Annales de l'Institut Fourier
  • 2021
Anosov representations give a higher-rank analogue of convex cocompactness in a rank-one Lie group which shares many of its good geometric and dynamical properties; geometric finiteness in rank one
Hitchin representations of Fuchsian groups
Nigel Hitchin [54] used the theory of Higgs bundles to exhibit a component of the “character variety” of (conjugacy classes of) representations of a closed surface group into PSL(d,R) which is
Ergodicity and equidistribution in Hilbert geometry
In this paper we show that dynamical and counting results characteristic of negatively-curved Riemannian geometry, or more generally CAT(-1) or rank-one CAT(0) spaces, also hold for
A cyclotomic family of thin hypergeometric monodromy groups in Sp4(R)
We exhibit an infinite family of discrete subgroups of Sp4(R) which have a number of remarkable properties. Our results are established by showing that each group plays pingpong on an appropriate set
Anosov representations over closed subflows
This work introduces a generalization of the notion of Anosov representations by restricting to invariant closed geodesic subflows and proves several properties of this type of representations analogous to the classical Anosova representations.
Convex co-compact actions of relatively hyperbolic groups.
In this paper we consider discrete groups in ${\rm PGL}_d(\mathbb{R})$ acting convex co-compactly on a properly convex domain in real projective space. For such groups, we establish necessary and


Discrete isometry groups of symmetric spaces
Author(s): Kapovich, Michael; Leeb, Bernhard | Abstract: This survey is based on a series of lectures that we gave at MSRI in Spring 2015 and on a series of papers, mostly written jointly with Joan
Anosov representations: domains of discontinuity and applications
The notion of Anosov representations has been introduced by Labourie in his study of the Hitchin component for SL(n,R). Subsequently, Anosov representations have been studied mainly for surface
Arithmetic Properties of Discrete Subgroups
That the factor space of a semisimple Lie group by an arithmetic subgroup has finite volume with respect to Haar measure is well known. In this paper we study results related to the converse of this
Géométrie et théorie des groupes: les groupes hyperboliques de Gromov
The book is an introduction of Gromov's theory of hyperbolic spaces and hyperbolic groups. It contains complete proofs of some basic theorems which are due to Gromov, and emphasizes some important
Bounded geometry in relatively hyperbolic groups
If a group is relatively hyperbolic, the parabolic subgroups are virtually nilpotent if and only if there exists a hyperbolic space with bounded geometry on which it acts geometrically finitely. This
Morse actions of discrete groups on symmetric space
We study the geometry and dynamics of discrete infinite covolume subgroups of higher rank semisimple Lie groups. We introduce and prove the equivalence of several conditions, capturing "rank one
Geometrical Finiteness for Hyperbolic Groups
Abstract In this paper, we give an account of the notion of geometrical finiteness as applied to discrete groups acting on hyperbolic space of any dimension. We prove the equivalence of various
A characterization of irreducible symmetric spaces and Euclidean buildings of higher rank by their asymptotic geometry
We study geodesically complete and locally compact Hadamard spaces X whose Tits boundary is a connected irreducible spherical building. We show that X is symmetric iff complete geodesics in X do not
Finsler bordifications of symmetric and certain locally symmetric spaces
We give a geometric interpretation of the maximal Satake compactification of symmetric spaces $X=G/K$ of noncompact type, showing that it arises by attaching the horofunction boundary for a suitable