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Relativistic collapse of Landau levels of Kane fermions in crossed electric and magnetic fields

  title={Relativistic collapse of Landau levels of Kane fermions in crossed electric and magnetic fields},
  author={S S Krishtopenko and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Teppe},
Using an elegant model involving only Γ6c and Γ8v bands, massless Kane fermions were defined as the particles associated with the peculiar band structure of gapless HgCdTe crystals. Although their dispersion relation resembles that of a pseudo-spin-1 Dirac semimetal, these particles were originally considered to be hybrids of pseudospin-1 and -1/2 fermions. Here we unequivocally find that by considering an additional Γ7c conduction band inherent in HgCdTe crystals, the Kane fermions are… 

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