Relativistic Rankine-Hugoniot Equations

  title={Relativistic Rankine-Hugoniot Equations},
  author={A. H. Taub},
  journal={Physical Review},
  • A. Taub
  • Published 1 August 1948
  • Physics
  • Physical Review
In Part I of this paper the stress energy tensor and the mean velocity vector of a simple gas are expressed in terms of the Maxwell-Boltzman distribution function. The rest density ρ0, pressure, p, and internal energy per unit rest mass e are defined in terms of invariants formed from these tensor quantities. It is shown that e cannot be an arbitrary function of p and ρ0 but must satisfy a certain inequality. Thus e=(1γ−1)pρ0 for γ>53 is impossible. It is known that if e is given by this… 
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