Relatively Hyperbolic Groups

  title={Relatively Hyperbolic Groups},
  author={Benson Farb},
  journal={Geometric \& Functional Analysis GAFA},
  • Benson Farb
  • Published 1 November 1998
  • Mathematics
  • Geometric & Functional Analysis GAFA
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Geometry of the complex of curves II: Hierarchical structure
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Growth of relatively hyperbolic groups
We show that a finitely generated group that is hyperbolic relative to a collection of proper subgroups either is virtually cyclic or has uniform exponential growth.
Hyperplane arrangements in negatively curved manifolds and relative hyperbolicity
We show that certain aspherical manifolds arising from hyperplane arrangements in negatively curved manifolds have relatively hyperbolic fundamental group.
Quasi-isometry rigidity of groups
This paper overviews recent developments in the classification up to quasi-isometry of finitely generated groups, and more specifically of relatively hyperbolic groups.
Residual finiteness, QCERF, and fillings of hyperbolic groups
We prove that if every hyperbolic group is residually finite, then every quasi-convex subgroup of every hyperbolic group is separable. The main tool is relatively hyperbolic Dehn filling.
Geometric group theory and hyperbolic geometry: Recent contributions from Indian mathematicians
Geometric group theory emerged as a distinct branch of mathematics through the seminal work of Gromov [25] in 1987 and since then it has been a very active area of research intermingling with many
A note on hyperbolically embedded subgroups
Abstract Let G be a group and H a subgroup of G. The notion of H being hyperbolically embedded in G was introduced by Dahmani, Guiraldel, and Osin. This note introduces an equivalent definition of
Subgroups of the mapping class group from the geometrical viewpoint
We survey the analogy between Kleinian groups and subgroups of the mapping class group of a surface.
The conjugacy problem in groups of orientable geometrizable 3-manifolds
We prove that fundamental groups of orientable (geometrizable) 3-manifolds have a solvable conjugacy problem.
Abstract In this paper, we prove a combination theorem for a complex of relatively hyperbolic groups. It is a generalization of Martin’s (Geom. Topology 18 (2014), 31–102) work for combination of


Geometry of the complex of curves II: Hierarchical structure
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Subgroups of Word Hyperbolic Groups in Dimension 2
If G is a word hyperbolic group of cohomological dimension 2, then every subgroup of G of type FP2 is also word hyperbolic. Isoperimetric inequalities are denned for groups of type FP2 and it is
Manifolds of Nonpositive Curvature
Preface.-Introduction.-Lectures on Manifolds of Nonpositive Curvature.-Simply Connected Manifolds of Nonpositive Curvature.-Groups of Isometries.-Finiteness theorems.-Strong Rigidity of Locally
The geometry and topology of three-manifolds
The combinatorial structure of cocompact discrete hyperbolic groups
Geometry of horospheres
Let M be a Hadamard manifold, i.e., a connected, simply connected, complete riemannian manifold of nonpositive curvature. To be more precise, assume that the sectional curvature K of M satisfies —
A note on curvature and fundamental group
Define the growth function γ associated with a finitely generated group and a specified choice of generators {gl7 -, gp} for the group as follows (compare [9]). For each positive integer s let γ(s)