Relative spatial expansion and contraction within the Müller-Lyer and Judd illusions.

  title={Relative spatial expansion and contraction within the M{\"u}ller-Lyer and Judd illusions.},
  author={Robert B. Post and Robert B. Welch and K J Caufield},
  volume={27 7},
The shaft portions of Müller-Lyer (M-L) figures, one-ended M-L figures, Judd figures, and their respective control (tails-up) figures were divided by subjects into eight equal-appearing intervals by means of successive bisections. For most of the control stimuli the length of the left half of the shaft tended to be overestimated relative to the length of the right side. For the tails-out version of the M-L figure, there was relative overestimation of segments of the shaft adjacent to the tails… CONTINUE READING