Relative roles of climatic suitability and anthropogenic influence in determining the pattern of spread in a global invader.

  title={Relative roles of climatic suitability and anthropogenic influence in determining the pattern of spread in a global invader.},
  author={N{\'u}ria Roura-Pascual and Cang Hui and Takayoshi Ikeda and Gwena{\"e}l G. R. Leday and David M. Richardson and Soledad Carpintero and Xavier Espadaler and Crisanto G{\'o}mez and Benoit Gu{\'e}nard and Stephen Hartley and Paul D. Krushelnycky and Philip J Lester and Melodie A. McGeoch and Sean B. Menke and Jes S\oe Pedersen and Joel Peter William Pitt and Joaqu{\'i}n Reyes and Nathan J Sanders and Andrew V Suarez and Yoshifumi Touyama and Darren B. Ward and Philip S Ward and Sue P Worner},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={108 1},
Because invasive species threaten the integrity of natural ecosystems, a major goal in ecology is to develop predictive models to determine which species may become widespread and where they may invade. Indeed, considerable progress has been made in understanding the factors that influence the local pattern of spread for specific invaders and the factors that are correlated with the number of introduced species that have become established in a given region. However, few studies have examined… CONTINUE READING
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