Relative risk of spread of symptoms among the focal onset primary dystonias.

  title={Relative risk of spread of symptoms among the focal onset primary dystonias.},
  author={Elliott Mark Weiss and Tamara Hershey and Morvarid K Karimi and Brad A. Racette and Samer D Tabbal and Jonathan W. Mink and Randal C Paniello and Joel S. Perlmutter},
  journal={Movement disorders : official journal of the Movement Disorder Society},
  volume={21 8},
Adult-onset primary torsion dystonia (PTD) may spread to multiple body parts, but the relative risk of spread by site of onset of dystonia has not been well characterized. We retrospectively identified 602 patients with PTD out of 1,500 dystonia patients in our electronic database and extracted age at onset, site of onset, family history, and spread. Survival analyses were performed for groups based on site of onset, and hazard ratios compared relative risk of spread across groups. Patients… CONTINUE READING

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