Relative refractory period in an excitable semiconductor laser.

  title={Relative refractory period in an excitable semiconductor laser.},
  author={Francesco Selmi and R{\'e}my Braive and Gregoire Beaudoin and Isabelle Sagnes and Robert Kuszelewicz and S Barbay},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={112 18},
We report on experimental evidence of neuronlike excitable behavior in a micropillar laser with saturable absorber. We show that under a single pulsed perturbation the system exhibits subnanosecond response pulses and analyze the role of the laser bias pumping. Under a double pulsed excitation we study the absolute and relative refractory periods, similarly to what can be found in neural excitability, and interpret the results in terms of a dynamical inhibition mediated by the carrier dynamics… CONTINUE READING
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