Relative entropy, Haar measures and relativistic canonical velocity distributions

  title={Relative entropy, Haar measures and relativistic canonical velocity distributions},
  author={Jorn Dunkel and P. Talkner and Peter Hānggi},
  • Jorn Dunkel, P. Talkner, Peter Hānggi
  • Published 2007
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • The thermodynamic maximum principle for the Boltzmann–Gibbs–Shannon (BGS) entropy is reconsidered by combining elements from group and measure theory. Our analysis starts by noting that the BGS entropy is a special case of relative entropy. The latter characterizes probability distributions with respect to a pre-specified reference measure. To identify the canonical BGS entropy with a relative entropy is appealing for two reasons: (i) the maximum entropy principle assumes a coordinate invariant… CONTINUE READING

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