Relative dimension r-dim and finite spaces

  title={Relative dimension r-dim and finite spaces},
  author={Athanasios C. Megaritis},
  journal={Applied general topology},
  • A. Megaritis
  • Published 29 July 2013
  • Mathematics
  • Applied general topology
In a relative covering dimension is defined and studied which is denoted by r-dim. In this paper we give an algorithm of polynomial order for computing the dimension r-dim of a pair (Q,X), where Q is a subset of a finite space X, using matrix algebra. 
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In [7] (see also [2, p. 35]) two relative covering dimensions, denoted by dim and dim  , defined and studied. In [3] and [4] we studied these dimensions and we gave some properties including
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The articles [15], [8], [2], [5], [16], [6], [14], [19], [10], [12], [17], [9], [11], [3], [4], [13], [7], [18], and [1] provide the notation and terminology for this paper. The scheme Set of
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