Relative and interactive effects of plant and grazer richness in a benthic marine community.

  title={Relative and interactive effects of plant and grazer richness in a benthic marine community.},
  author={John Francis Bruno and Katharyn Boyer and J Emmett Duffy and Sarah C. Lee},
  volume={89 9},
The interactive effects of changing biodiversity of consumers and their prey are poorly understood but are likely to be important under realistic scenarios of biodiversity loss and gain. We performed two factorial manipulations of macroalgal group (greens, reds, and browns) and herbivore species (amphipods, sea urchin, and fish) composition and richness in outdoor mesocosms simulating a subtidal, hard-substratum estuarine community in North Carolina, U.S.A. In the experiment where grazer… CONTINUE READING

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