Relative Quantum Field Theory

  title={Relative Quantum Field Theory},
  author={Daniel S. Freed and Constantin Teleman},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
  • D. Freed, C. Teleman
  • Published 7 December 2012
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics
We highlight the general notion of a relative quantum field theory, which occurs in several contexts. One is in gauge theory based on a compact Lie algebra, rather than a compact Lie group. This is relevant to the maximal superconformal theory in six dimensions. 
Anomalies and Invertible Field Theories
We give a modern geometric viewpoint on anomalies in quantum field theory and illustrate it in a 1-dimensional theory: supersymmetric quantum mechanics. This is background for the resolution of
  • Yuji Tachikawa
  • Mathematics, Philosophy
    Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2018)
  • 2019
We give a rough description of the 'categories' formed by quantum field theories. A few recent mathematical conjectures derived from quantum field theories, some of which are now proven theorems,
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Symmetry plays a central role in quantum field theory. Recent developments include symmetries that act on defects and other subsystems, and symmetries that are categorical rather than group-like.
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Three subjects are considered here: a self-dual non-critical string that appears in Type IIB superstring theory at points in ${\rm K3}$ moduli space where the Type IIA theory has extended gauge
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I shall propose a definition of 2-dimensional conformal field theory which I believe is equivalent to that used by physicists.
On holomorphic factorization of WZW and coset models
It is shown how coupling to gauge fields can be used to explain the basic facts concerning holomorphic factorization of the WZW model of two dimensional conformal field theory, which previously have
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Homotopy Quantum Field Theory
Homotopy Quantum Field Theory (HQFT) is a branch of Topological Quantum Field Theory founded by E. Witten and M. Atiyah. It applies ideas from theoretical physics to study principal bundles over