Relationships of eelpouts of the genus Zoarces (Zoarcidae, Pisces) inferred from molecular genetic and morphological data

  title={Relationships of eelpouts of the genus Zoarces (Zoarcidae, Pisces) inferred from molecular genetic and morphological data},
  author={Olga A Radchenko and Anna V Petrovskaya and Mikhail V. Nazarkin and Igor A. Chereshnev and E. A. Chegodaeva},
  journal={Russian Journal of Genetics},
Abstract-Molecular genetic and morphological analysis of eelpouts of the genus Zoarces was carried out. Based on the mitochondrial DNA sequence variation, haplotypes of notched-fin eelpout, Z. elogatus, more closely related Fedorov eelpout, Z. fedorovi, and common eelpout, Z. viviparus, as well as of Andriyashev eelpout, Z. andriashevi, were grouped in one macrocluster. Haplotypes of American eelpout, Z. americanus, and blotched eelpout, Z. gillii, clustered separately from other species. The… 

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