[Relationships between humor expression and self-acceptance, aggression, and altruism].


The structure of humor expression was clarified and its relationships with aggression, altruism, and self-acceptance were examined. In study 1, college students (n = 216) responded to a scale with items about humor expression. An exploratory factor analysis indicated three types of humor expression: aggressive, self-disparaging, and playful humor expression. In study 2, 119 college students responded to items about (a) humor expression, (b) aggression, (c) altruism, and (d) self-acceptance. The results showed positive relationships between aggressive humor expression and aggression, self-disparaging humor expression and self-acceptance, and playful humor expression and altruism.

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@article{Tsukawaki2009RelationshipsBH, title={[Relationships between humor expression and self-acceptance, aggression, and altruism].}, author={Ryota Tsukawaki and Masataka Higuchi and Hiromi Fukada}, journal={Shinrigaku kenkyu : The Japanese journal of psychology}, year={2009}, volume={80 4}, pages={339-44} }