Relationships between dental and skeletal maturity in Turkish subjects.

  title={Relationships between dental and skeletal maturity in Turkish subjects.},
  author={Tancan Uysal and Zafer Sari and Sabri Ilhan Ramoglu and Faruk Ayhan Başçiftçi},
  journal={The Angle orthodontist},
  volume={74 5},
The aim of this study was to investigate the relationships between the stages of calcification of various teeth and skeletal maturity stages among Turkish subjects. The samples were derived from dental panoramic and hand-wrist radiographs of 500 subjects (215 males and 285 females). Calcification of the mandibular canines, first and second premolars, and second and third molars was rated according to the system of Demirjian. To evaluate the stage of skeletal maturation of each hand-wrist… CONTINUE READING

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