Relationships between EUF-N fractions, N uptake and quality of sugar beet in deep loess soils of Southern Lower Saxony

  title={Relationships between EUF-N fractions, N uptake and quality of sugar beet in deep loess soils of Southern Lower Saxony},
  author={Helga Recke and Kitti N{\'e}meth},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
In field experiments conducted in 1981 on deep loess soils a significant correlation was obtained between ΦEUF-N content in the topsoil and N in sugar beet roots as well as in whole plants. A very close correlation was found to exist between ΦEUF-N values in June 1981 and α-amino N in sugar beet roots at harvest. Also other quality criteria such as the contents of sugar, K and Na in roots and yield parameters correlated with ΦEUF-N contents in topsoils. The inorganic and organic EUF-N fractions… CONTINUE READING


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