Relationship of Sex, Sex Guilt, and Experience to Written Sexual Fantasies

  title={Relationship of Sex, Sex Guilt, and Experience to Written Sexual Fantasies},
  author={Kimeron N. Hardin and Steven R. Gold},
  journal={Imagination, Cognition and Personality},
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The influence of sex, sex guilt, and sexual experience on college students sexual fantasies was examined. Twenty-one males and forty-nine females handed in at least three written-out sexual fantasies which were rated on a fantasy checklist. Male fantasies were found to be more explicit, and mention group sex more often than female fantasies. Females mentioned themes of romance and commitment more often than males. Sexually experienced subjects tended to have more explicit fantasies than… Expand
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Gender-specific variances in sexual fantasy.
  • R. Mednick
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Sexual fantasy categories derived by inductive content analysis indicated that significantly more females than males fantasized themselves as recipients of sexual activity from fantasized sexual objects, while Males fantasized the sexual object as recipientsof sexual activity. Expand
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