Relationship of Diet to Small and Large Adenomas of the Sigmoid Colon

  title={Relationship of Diet to Small and Large Adenomas of the Sigmoid Colon},
  author={Suminori Kono and Koji Imanishi and Koichi Shinchi and Fumio Yanai},
  booktitle={Japanese journal of cancer research : Gann},
The relation of dietary factors to the risk of adenomas of the sigmoid colon was examined in men receiving a retirement health examination at the Self-Defense Forces Fukuoka Hospital between October 1986 and 1990. A total of 187 adenoma cases and 1557 controls with normal colonoscopy were identified in the series. Cases were further classified into small-adenoma (< 5 mm, n = 78) and large-adenoma (> or = 5 mm, n = 67) groups. The consumptions of selected foods and beverages were ascertained… CONTINUE READING

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