Relationship between serum sialic acid and sialylated glycoproteins in alcoholics.

  title={Relationship between serum sialic acid and sialylated glycoproteins in alcoholics.},
  author={Lech Chrostek and Bogdan Cylwik and Agnieszka Krawiec and Walenty Korcz and Maciej Szmitkowski},
  journal={Alcohol and alcoholism},
  volume={42 6},
AIMS Total sialic acid (TSA) has been suggested as a marker for chronic alcohol abuse. It seems that the elevation of TSA during excessive alcohol consumption reflects the changes in sialylated glycoproteins in the sera. On the other hand, chronic ethanol consumption increases the desialylation rate of many serum glycoproteins. The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between the total and free form of sialic acid levels (FSA), and the concentration of sialylated glycoproteins in… CONTINUE READING

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