Relationship between functional properties and structure of ovalbumin.

  title={Relationship between functional properties and structure of ovalbumin.},
  author={Marina Zemser and Mendel Friedman and Jehoshua Katzhendler and Landon Greene and Abraham Minsky and Shela Gorinstein},
  journal={Journal of protein chemistry},
  volume={13 2},
The effects of ovalbumin (OVA) denaturation using urea, guanidinium chloride (GdnHCl), sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS), cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC), 3-[(3-cholamidopropyl)dimethylammonio]-1-propanesulfonate (CHAPS), and 5 different cationic detergents with various side chains, HCl, and CH3COOH were observed. Progressive unfolding in ovalbumin was measured as a function of fluorescent light intensity, peak response and shift in the maximum of emission. Kinetic measurements demonstrated that the… CONTINUE READING


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