Relationship between emotional stress and cardiovascular events.


During last years the relationship has been found in between sudden cardiac death and autonomic disbalance of nervous system, which effect on baroreflector regulation of heart rhythm. The importance of heart rate in cardiovascular prognosis can be explained by its relationship with major pathophysiological determinants. We considered this fact as an actual problem and we performed our own study among 346 native Indians (260 males and 86 females), aged 41-54 years and employed by the Civil Service. They were consecutively examined between 1997 and 2004. Our large and long prospective study has disclosed a higher risk for sudden death for those apparently healthy individuals whose heart rate responses are exaggerated under mild emotional stress and below normal during peak exercise. This implies novel and simple ways for the early identification of subjects at increased future risk for sudden cardiac death. As well as we find out that autonomic disbalance is related with high risk of development of arrhythmias which is possible to find out exercise stress test. Individuals showing a high heart rate increase with mild emotional stress must be considered for additional investigations and for tailored preventive strategies aimed in first place to reduce the probability of ischemic heart disease.

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