Relationship between body and leg VO2 during maximal cycle ergometry.

  title={Relationship between body and leg VO2 during maximal cycle ergometry.},
  author={David R. Knight and David C Poole and W Schaffartzik and Harold J B Guy and Renato Prediletto and Michael C Hogan and Peter D. Wagner},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={73 3},
It is not known whether the asymptotic behavior of whole body O2 consumption (VO2) at maximal work rates (WR) is explained by similar behavior of VO2 in the exercising legs. To resolve this question, simultaneous measurements of body and leg VO2 were made at submaximal and maximal levels of effort breathing normoxic and hypoxic gases in seven trained male cyclists (maximal VO2, 64.7 +/- 2.7 ml, each of whom demonstrated a reproducible VO2-WR asymptote during fatiguing incremental… CONTINUE READING