Relationship between adhesive thickness and microtensile bond strength.

  title={Relationship between adhesive thickness and microtensile bond strength.},
  author={Lucy Zheng and Patr{\'i}cia N{\'o}brega Rodrigues Pereira and Mizuho Nakajima and Hidehiko Sano and Junji Tagami},
  journal={Operative dentistry},
  volume={26 1},
This study evaluated the effect of the thickness of the adhesive resin layer of two commercially available resin bonding systems on bond strengths (Single Bond and Liner Bond 2V). The adhesive of Single Bond contains ethanol and water as solvents and is applied using the moist-bonding technique. The adhesive of Liner Bond 2V contains no solvents and is applied after a self-etching primer treatment. Forty-six caries-free molars were ground flat to expose the dentin surface and polished with #800… CONTINUE READING


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