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Relationship and dependency between linguistic and non-linguistic forms of concept representation

  title={Relationship and dependency between linguistic and non-linguistic forms of concept representation},
  author={Ana Mar{\'i}a Monterde Rey},
  journal={LSP and professional communication},
In this paper we determine the relationships and dependencies between linguistic and non-linguistic forms of concept representation in two levels of knowledge, expert and student, in the field of aeronautics. More specifically, for the specialized level, we select texts on aircraft fuel systems used by Spanish mechanics to repair the jet Mirage F1. In total, by creating systems of concepts, we delimit 119 concepts related to fuel feeding phases and parts of fuel systems. At the student level… 
Visualización mediática de la ciencia: tipología de la infografía científica de prensa
espanolEste articulo explora el tratamiento informativo de la infografia de la prensa internacional para emprender de manera eficaz procesos de comunicacion y divulgacion de los hechos relativos a la
Визуальный контекст как форма репрезентации технического знания
Федюченко Лариса Григорьевна Визуальный контекст как форма репрезентации технического знания Техническое знание может быть представлено в формате терминологической базы данных, однако большинство


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