Relationship Marketing of Services Perspectives from 1983 and 2000

  title={Relationship Marketing of Services Perspectives from 1983 and 2000},
  author={Leonard L. Berry},
  journal={Journal of Relationship Marketing},
  pages={59 - 77}
  • L. Berry
  • Published 1 January 2002
  • Business
  • Journal of Relationship Marketing
Abstract In 1983 the author presented a paper entitled simply “Relationship Marketing” at the American Marketing Association's Services Marketing Conference. The paper was published in the conference proceedings and for the first time the phrase “relationship marketing” appeared in the marketing literature. For this charter issue of the Journal of Relationship Marketing, the original 1983 paper is reprinted in full. The author then offers fresh perspectives on his paper in the form of a… 
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CONTENTS Acknowledgments Author's Note * Sustaining Success in Service Companies * Success-Sustaining Values * Leading with Values * Strategic Focus * Executional Excellence * Control of Destiny *
Loyalty-based management.
To compete on loyalty, a company must understand the relationships between customer retention and the other parts of the business--and be able to quantify the linkages between loyalty and profits.