Relation between blood pressure and stroke mortality.

  title={Relation between blood pressure and stroke mortality.},
  author={A. Jay Palmer and Christopher John Bulpitt and Astrid Elizabeth Fletcher and D. Gareth Beevers and E. C. Coles and John G. G. Ledingham and P W O'Riordan and J. C. Petrie and Bheeshma Rajagopalan and Joan Webster},
  volume={20 5},
The relation between stroke mortality and blood pressure was investigated in 10,186 hypertensive patients followed up in the Department of Health Hypertension Care Computing Project for an average of 9 years. An untreated blood pressure measurement was available in 3,472 men and 3,405 women. The age-adjusted risk of stroke death increased by 1% for every 1 mm Hg increase in untreated systolic blood pressure. The relative hazard rate was 1.014 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.007, 1.021) in men… CONTINUE READING