Relation between Dogmatism and Anxiety

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The Dogmatism scale consists of items whose semantic content is anxiety and of items whose content is purely dogmatic. The first group of items correlates highly with all seven anxiety dimensions from Cattell's 16 PF Test, the second group moderately with only 2 of the 7 anxiety dimensions. Therefore, the significant correlation of the usually computed total Dogmatism score with 4 anxiety dimensions cannot be regarded as a valid proof of Rokeach's hypothesis of a general relation between… 
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Factor Structure of the Dogmatism Scale
3 independent factor analyses of the items of Rokeach's Dogmatism Scale indicated that the scale was not measuring the same dimensions of dogmatism for the 2 sexes.
A Factorial Study of Dogmatism, Opinionation, and Related Scales
In previous work ( 2 ) the concept of dogmatism, as measured by the Dogmatism Scale, has been shown to represent general authoritarianism, as contrasted with the F Scale, which was shown to represent
Factor Structure of the Dogmatism Scale
It was suggested that the measurement of a construct as complex as dogmatism may be enhanced by resorting to a multidimensional approach.
The Open and Closed Mind
A factorial study of dogmatism and related concepts.
Geographical mobility and dogmatism, anxiety, and age.
Dogmatism and psychoneurosis in college women.
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