Relating the Farrell Nil-groups to the Waldhausen Nil-groups

  title={Relating the Farrell Nil-groups to the Waldhausen Nil-groups},
  author={J. Lafont and Ivonne J. Ortiz},
Every virtually cyclic group G that surjects onto the infinite dihedral group Dy contains an index two subgroup P of the form Hza Z. We show that the Waldhausen Nil-group of G vanishes if and only if the Farrell Nil-group of P vanishes. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 19D35. 1 Statement of results The Bass Nil-groups, Farrell Nil-groups, and Waldhausen Nil-groups appear respectively as pieces in the computation of the algebraic K-theory of direct products, semidirect products, and… CONTINUE READING


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