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Relating Building and Classroom Conditions to Student Achievement in Virginia's Elementary Schools

  title={Relating Building and Classroom Conditions to Student Achievement in Virginia's Elementary Schools},
  author={Lanham and James E. Warren},
The relationships between student achievement and a number of variables relating to building and classroom conditions in Virginia elementary schools were examined. A systematic random sample of 300 schools was selected from all elementary schools in Virginia with grades three and five. Data on building condition, classroom condition, and demographics were collected with " An Assessment of Building and Classroom Conditions in Elementary Schools in Virginia. " Building principals completed the… 

School Facility Conditions and Student Achievement, Attendance, and Behavior in an Urban Elementary School in Southeastern Virginia

The purpose of this study was to investigate relationships between facility conditions and student achievement, attendance, and behavior in an urban elementary school in southeastern Virginia. Most

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The No Child Left Behind legislation has served to make educators throughout the country more aware of the need to increase student academic performance on an annual basis. As part of the effort to

The Relationship Between School Building Conditions and Student Achievement at the Middle School Level in the Commonwealth of Virginia

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationshi p between school building condition and student achievement as measured by the ir performance on the Standards of Learning (SOL)

The Relationship Between the Condition of Colorado Elementary School Facilities and Student Achievement

abstract:The aim of this study was to measure the impact of the overall school facility condition for traditional Colorado elementary schools, according to Colorado's Facilities Conditions Index

School Facility Conditions and the Relationship Between Teacher Attitudes

Findings suggest that teacher attitudes are directly influenced by conditions within the building, and more desirable conditions were present in the newer building than in the older building.

Examining Methodological Differences: Research on the Relationship between School Building Condition and Student Achievement.

Research in the field of Education has produced a corpus of studies dealing with the specific relationship between school building condition and student achievement reporting positive results. Yet,

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The relationship between the condition of school facilities and certain educational outcomes, particularly in rural public high schools in texas

This study found that the student wealth level contributed most to the variance in student achievement, and the condition of school facilities has a measurable effect over and above socioeconomic conditions on student achievement and teacher turnover.

The age and condition of Texas high schools as related to student academic achievement

There are many inadequate high school facilities in Texas, and unfortunately many of these are found in areas of low socioeconomic status and high minority percentages. According to a Texas