Relapsing hepatitis A. Review of 14 cases and literature survey.

  title={Relapsing hepatitis A. Review of 14 cases and literature survey.},
  author={Michael Glikson and Eithan Galun and Rani Oren and Ran Tur-Kaspa and Daniel Shouval},
  volume={71 1},
We have reviewed our experience with 14 cases of relapsing hepatitis A (RH-A), as well as 68 cases reported in the literature. Relapse occurs in 3 to 20% of patients with acute hepatitis A, and rarely takes the form of a polyphasic disease (multiple relapses). After a stage of typical hepatitis A, remission phase ensues, with partial or complete resolution of clinical and biochemical manifestations. Relapse usually occurs after a short period (usually less than 3 weeks). Relapse is usually… CONTINUE READING