Reintegrating India with the World Economy

  title={Reintegrating India with the World Economy},
  author={T. N. Srinivasan and Suresh D. Tendulkar},
After nearly five decades of insulation from world markets, state controls, and slow growth, India embarked in 1991 on a process of liberalization of controls and progressive integration with the global economy in an effort to put its economy on a path of rapid and sustained growth. Despite major changes in the government since then, the thrust on reforms has been maintained. According to the World Bank, only 10 out of 145 countries had more rapid growth than India at over 6 percent per year in… 
Revised 11 / 7 / 01 Integrating India With the World Economy : Progress , Problems and Prospects
India was largely insulated from the world trading system for more than four decades after independence in 1947. Pursuit of an inward-oriented development strategy, rationalized both by a wary,
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