Reinstating effortful encoding operations at test enhances episodic remembering.


Two experiments investigated the effects of reinstating encoding operations on remember and know responses in recognition memory. Experiment 1 showed that reinstating an effortful encoding task (generating words from fragments) increased remember responses at test but reinstating an automatic encoding task (reading intact words) did not. This pattern was confirmed in Experiment 2 in which words were either read intact or generated from anagrams. These findings show that repeating effortful (but not automatic) encoding operations at test cues not only the recognition of the information that was acquired via those operations but also the conscious recollection of the encoding episode.

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@article{Dewhurst2007ReinstatingEE, title={Reinstating effortful encoding operations at test enhances episodic remembering.}, author={Stephen A. Dewhurst and Karen R. Brandt}, journal={Quarterly journal of experimental psychology}, year={2007}, volume={60 4}, pages={543-50} }