Reinforcing the absence of fixed-ratio performance.

  title={Reinforcing the absence of fixed-ratio performance.},
  author={Michael D Zeiler},
  journal={Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior},
  volume={31 3},
  • Michael D Zeiler
  • Published 1979 in Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior
Pigeons received food for key pecking according to a fixed-ratio schedule, while, at the same time, food also was available for not pecking for a specified time. With a fixed ratio of 60, responding was not affected by not-pecking times of 80 or 40 seconds, and was eliminated completely at 10 seconds. With ratios of 180, pecking stopped with not-pecking times of 80 seconds or less; with ratios of 300, it stopped at 120 seconds or less. Not-responding schedules produced steady-state performance… CONTINUE READING

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