Reinforcement of osteosynthesis screws with brushite cement.

  title={Reinforcement of osteosynthesis screws with brushite cement.},
  author={P Van Landuyt and Bastian Peter and L Beluze and Jacques Lema{\^i}tre},
  volume={25 2 Suppl},
The fixation of osteosynthesis screws remains a severe problem for fracture repair among osteoporotic patients. Polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) is routinely used to improve screw fixation, but this material has well-known drawbacks such as monomer toxicity, exothermic polymerization, and nonresorbability. Calcium phosphate cements have been developed for several years. Among these new bone substitution materials, brushite cements have the advantage of being injectable and resorbable. The aim of… CONTINUE READING