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Reinforcement learning with a network of spiking agents

  title={Reinforcement learning with a network of spiking agents},
  author={Sneha Aenugu and Abhishek Sharma and Sasikiran Yelamarthi and Hananel Hazan and P. S. Thomas and R. Kozma},
  journal={arXiv: Learning},
Neuroscientific theory suggests that dopaminergic neurons broadcast global reward prediction errors to large areas of the brain influencing the synaptic plasticity of the neurons in those regions. We build on this theory to propose a multi-agent learning framework with spiking neurons in the generalized linear model (GLM) formulation as agents, to solve reinforcement learning (RL) tasks. We show that a network of GLM spiking agents connected in a hierarchical fashion, where each spiking agent… Expand

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