Reine Infinitesimalgeometrie

  title={Reine Infinitesimalgeometrie},
  author={H. Weyl},
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A Curvature Identity on a 4-Dimensional Riemannian Manifold
We recall a curvature identity for 4-dimensional compact Riemannian manifolds as derived from the generalized Gauss–Bonnet formula. We extend this curvature identity to non-compact 4-dimensionalExpand
On Cosymplectic Conformal Connections
The aim of this paper is to introduce a cosymplectic analouge of conformal connection in a cosymplectic manifold and proved that if cosymplectic manifold M admits a cosymplectic conformal connectionExpand
Singularities, Black Holes, and Cosmic Censorship: A Tribute to Roger Penrose
In the light of his recent (and fully deserved) Nobel Prize, this pedagogical paper draws attention to a fundamental tension that drove Penrose's work on general relativity. His 1965 singularityExpand
Gauging the Spacetime Metric—Looking Back and Forth a Century Later
H. Weyl's proposal of 1918 for generalizing Riemannian geometry by local scale gauge (later called {\em Weyl geometry}) was motivated by mathematical, philosophical and physical considerations. ItExpand
Gravitational waves in conformal gravity
Abstract We consider the gravitational radiation in conformal gravity theory. We perturb the metric from flat Mikowski space and obtain the wave equation after introducing the appropriateExpand
Gravitation and cosmology with York time
[Shortened abstract:] In this thesis we investigate a solution to the `problem of time' in canonical quantum gravity by splitting spacetime into surfaces of constant mean curvature parameterised byExpand
Quantum mechanics as the dynamical geometry of trajectories
We illustrate how non-relativistic quantum mechanics may be recovered from a dynamical Weyl geometry on configuration space and an `ensemble' of trajectories (or `worlds'). The theory, which is freeExpand
2+1 gravity on the conformal sphere
We show that there are two equivalent first order descriptions of $2+1$ gravity with a nonzero cosmological constant. One is the well-known spacetime description, and the other is in terms ofExpand
Test of conformal gravity with astrophysical observations
Since it can describe the rotation curves of galaxies without dark matter and can give rise to accelerated expansion, conformal gravity attracts much attention recently. As a theory of modifiedExpand
Abstract The structure of space–time is examined by extending the standard Lorentz connection group to its complex covering group, operating on a 16-dimensional “spinor” frame. A HamiltonianExpand