Rehepatectomy for treating primary liver cancer.

  • H. Chen, M. C. Wu
  • Published 1989 in
    Proceedings of the Chinese Academy of Medical…


From January 1960 to June 1987, 41 cases underwent reoperation for relapse of liver cancer. Hepatectomy was performed twice in 39 cases, three and four times each in one case. The 1,3 and 5-year survival rates after the first operation were 100%, 69.58% and 54.68% respectively, while those after the second operation were 75.0%, 34.62% and 34.62… (More)


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@article{Chen1989RehepatectomyFT, title={Rehepatectomy for treating primary liver cancer.}, author={H. Chen and M. C. Wu}, journal={Proceedings of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Peking Union Medical College = Chung-kuo i hsueh k'o hsueh yuan, Chung-kuo hsieh ho i k'o ta hsueh hsueh pao}, year={1989}, volume={4 2}, pages={68-71} }