Reheating constraints to inflationary models.

  title={Reheating constraints to inflationary models.},
  author={Liang Dai and Marc Kamionkowski and Junpu Wang},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={113 4},
Evidence from the BICEP2 experiment for a significant gravitational-wave background has focused attention on inflaton potentials V(ϕ)∝ϕ(α) with α = 2 ("chaotic" or "m(2)ϕ(2)" inflation) or with smaller values of α, as may arise in axion-monodromy models. Here we show that reheating considerations may provide additional constraints to these models. The reheating phase preceding the radiation era is modeled by an effective equation-of-state parameter w(re). The canonical reheating scenario is… CONTINUE READING