Rehabilitation of the paralysed face: results of facial nerve surgery.


The case notes of 34 patients undergoing rehabilitative facial nerve surgery between 1978 and 1994 were retrospectively examined. Thirteen patients underwent facio-hypoglossal transposition with six achieving a facial nerve grade of IV (House-Brackmann scale) at 24 months post-surgery. Twelve patients underwent cable grafting of the facial nerve defect. Of these, 10 achieved a grade III result at 24 months. Nine patients underwent end to end anastomosis of the facial nerve, seven achieving a grade III result at 24 months after the repair. Re-routing of the facial nerve and the use of tissue glue to effect the anastomosis did not have an adverse effect on the outcome. Comparison of rerouted end to end anastomosis with non-re-routed cable grafting showed no difference. Patients presenting pre-operatively with facial weakness and those in whom nerve repair surgery was delayed for more than six months were less likely to have a good result.

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