Rehabilitation of stroke patients needs a family-centred approach.

  title={Rehabilitation of stroke patients needs a family-centred approach.},
  author={Anne J. M. A. Visser-Meily and Marcel W M Post and Jan Willem Gorter and Steven Berdenis V Berlekom and Trudi van den Bos and Eline Lindeman},
  journal={Disability and rehabilitation},
  volume={28 24},
PURPOSE To highlight the importance of the spouse in stroke rehabilitation. Stroke not only affects the patients, but also their families, but rehabilitation practice is still primarily focused on the patient only. METHOD Analysis of the position of the spouse and possible consequences of stroke for the spouse, based on the literature. RESULTS Three roles of spouses are described: (i) the role of caregiver, as the spouse often provides extensive and comprehensive care for the patient; (ii… CONTINUE READING