Regulatory volume increase in rat pancreatic beta-cells.

  title={Regulatory volume increase in rat pancreatic beta-cells.},
  author={Helen E. Miley and Darren Holden and Richard Grint and L. L. Best and Peter de Nully Brown},
  journal={Pflugers Archiv : European journal of physiology},
  volume={435 2},
This study investigated regulatory volume increase (RVI) in rat pancreatic beta-cells. Volume changes in isolated beta-cells were measured by a video-imaging method. Cell shrinkage was induced by exposure to solutions made hypertonic by the addition of 100 mM mannitol. In HEPES-buffered solutions, beta-cells exhibited an RVI which was almost completely abolished by 10 microM bumetanide. These data indicate that Na+-2Cl--K+ cotransporters make a major contribution to RVI in beta-cells. In HCO3… CONTINUE READING

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