Regulatory mechanisms of hepatic microcirculation.

  title={Regulatory mechanisms of hepatic microcirculation.},
  author={Masaya Oda and Hiroaki Yokomori and Jingyan Han},
  journal={Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation},
  volume={29 3-4},
Hepatic microvasculature receives blood from two types of afferent vessels: the terminal portal venule (TPVn) and the terminal hepatic arteriole (THAo). The TPVns directly connect with the capillary bed in the liver parenchyma, which is referred to as sinusoids. Hepatic arterial blood pours into the hepatic sinusoids not only indirectly via the anastomosis between the THAo and the portal venule (PVn), but also directly through the THAo or the capillaries derived from the arterial capillary… CONTINUE READING


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