Regulatory T cells in cancer.

  title={Regulatory T cells in cancer.},
  author={Dimitrios Mougiakakos and Aniruddha Choudhury and Alvaro Lladser and Rolf Kiessling and Carl Christian Johansson},
  journal={Advances in cancer research},
At the present time, regulatory T cells (Tregs) are an integral part of immunology but the route from discovery of "suppressive" lymphocytes in the 1980s to the current established concept of Tregs almost 20 years later has been a rollercoaster ride. Tregs are essential for maintaining self-tolerance as defects in their compartment lead to severe autoimmune diseases. This vitally important function exists alongside the detrimental effects on tumor immunosurveillance and antitumor immunity… CONTINUE READING

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