Regulatory Innate Lymphoid Cells Control Innate Intestinal Inflammation

  title={Regulatory Innate Lymphoid Cells Control Innate Intestinal Inflammation},
  author={Shuo Wang and Pengyan Xia and Yi Feng Chen and Yuan Qu and Zhen Xiong and Buqing Ye and Ying Du and Yong Tian and Zhinan Yin and Zhiheng Xu and Zusen Fan},
An emerging family of innate lymphoid cells (termed ILCs) has an essential role in the initiation and regulation of inflammation. However, it is still unclear how ILCs are regulated in the duration of intestinal inflammation. Here, we identify a regulatory subpopulation of ILCs (called ILCregs) that exists in the gut and harbors a unique gene identity that is distinct from that of ILCs or regulatory T cells (Tregs). During inflammatory stimulation, ILCregs can be induced in the intestine and… CONTINUE READING
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